Biodiesel Elevator Pitch

Biodiesel – Traveling Presentation; Elevator Pitch

Diesel car?

Here’s what Biodiesel is to you:

– Same price as diesel at the pump
– Same engine performance and mpg as with petro-diesel
– Increased engine longevity (400,000 miles, typically)
– Cut tailpipe emissions up to 75%
– Run on a renewable fuel, produced by farmers at lower coast than drilling and refining
– Keep energy jobs in America, eliminating demand for foreign oil

Biodiesel is made from vegetable oil. It can be extracted from trash and agri-byproduct. Farmers and crop-oil expellers will always be at the forefront of quality bio-fuel production, but using free landfill to supplement the supply is awfully sexy to investors.

When a technology breakthrough turns something of no value into an abundance of great value, Wall Street wakes up every morning like a kid at Christmas.

Solar voltaic electricity today is really just an extravagance. Technically, biodiesel’s the only solar-powered technology we’ve come up with that can literally move mountains. Ask any random West Virginian. “Using diesel engines to mine coal to heat up electric-generating steam engines? T’aint natural.” Steam – how quaint, given the shock and awe diesel turbines bring.

The transition to biodiesel is invisible; piping it through involves no mechanical interruptions, no retrofits or
upgrades, and relies on the existing infrastructure to go from farm to gas tank. In some areas, at lower overall cost.

As the smart money gains momentum, crawling, then ambling in the direction of biodiesel, that influx will lean into the diesel technology industry, which will design and produce cleaner, super-efficient, high-tech engines. Eliminating the design flaws of the past. That is, fulfilling the requirements of our present.

And mark my words: the Europeans and Japanese will crank out the best and the brightest of the bunch. Cummings can smooch my hieney; Mercedes, VW and Toyota are the Dieselmotormeisters under the hood of today’s vehicles.

I wish I knew the equivalent Japanese.

(It’s ディーゼル機関のマスター , according to Babel Fish)

The diesel engine is fixing to run the planet. Powered by fuel grown from plants, or squeezed out of our garbage. We’ve invented myriad kinds of engines; it’s the most powerful and efficient we’ve managed yet. And its fast approach will make a lot of people rich.

While, in Bucky Fuller’s words, we stop spending our energy savings account and start investing our daily income. The sun is free; plants just grow; the oceans of petroleum under our feet are our trust fund. Biodiesel keeps us solvent. And maybe honest.

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