Ani Difranco at Stubb’s

James and I waded neck-deep in the L-word (Liberal? Lovely? Looney?) last night. It poured the entire concert; the audience drank it up. At one point Jams turned to me, water dripping off his nose, said, “Knuckle down. Just be OK with this.” She played this tune, too, sending shivers though me:

Oh, and she’s pregnant. Someone passed her up a pair of red suspenders after she said her pants kept falling down off her belly. Who knew?

Set list:
(that is, songs I think I remember were played, in no real order)
– Napoleon
– Knuckle Down
– Paradigm
– Shameless
– Studying Stones
– Independence Day
– 78% Water
– Hypnotized
– Lag Time
Names and Dates and Times
– Done Wrong
– Fuel
– Half-Assed
– Decree
– Recoil

Here’s a nice taste of what it looked like at Stubb’s. Such a great time. A world of difference from the night she played for 40 mins and fled, out at the Back Yard. When Jodie was pregnant. Scout’s first concert.

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