Be American; Bio American

This is EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Wisconsin has decided to become the oil fields of America. Breadbasket crop fuel is the new Texas tea, baby. Here’s Governor Jim Doyle in a speech to the UW-Madison campus today:

“If an oil field in Iran has to compete against a farm field in Wisconsin, that’s a very good thing for the environment, for our economy and for the world.”

He’s creating an Office of Energy Independence. It doesn’t get any more Mom and apple pie than this. Finally, a purple state, at least in energy policy (see “Biodiesel Elevator Pitch“).

Capitol Times, Madison Wisconsin
by Mike Ivey
April 5, 2007

“…Doyle has already signed Wisconsin on to the list of states with a goal of “25 by 25,” or getting 25 percent of electricity and transportation fuels from renewable sources by 2025. Less than 5 percent of state energy currently comes from renewable sources.

Doyle touts biofuels, renewables
Power-generating windmills operated by Alliant Energy rise from the hills of Iowa County in southwest Wisconsin near Montfort.

Doyle has also set of goal of Wisconsin capturing 10 percent of the market share for the production of renewable energy sources by 2030, He said it could create thousands of jobs and bring $13.5 billion annually to the state economy by 2030.

In launching the Office of Energy Independence, Doyle hopes to advance his energy policy and promote the state’s bioindustry. The office will serve as a one-stop-shop for citizens, businesses, local units of government and non-governmental organizations pursuing biofuel development or energy efficiency. It will also identify federal funding opportunities and serve as the State Energy Office.”

PS the title of today’s edition of Texpat is a take on the Hindustani nationalism signs they posted everywhere, designed to deflect western commercial hegemony or some such futility. For instance, when I was in 7th grade the Coca Cola company was asked to leave India . We drank Campa
Cola products like Tripp and Rush. That was funnier than most things to us New Delhi school kids. Be Indian, Buy Indian – rush to trip. Hilarity, yar.

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