Texas Legislature Not Proud Our President is From Texas

The Texas lege passed a bill submitted by Republican State Rep Ken Paxton, ordering the President’s name stricken from “Welcome to Texas” road signs. Where they now read “Proud Home of President George Bush,” the space will be left blank, presumably until an actual Texan assumes the White House. The bill goes into effect on on Jan. 20th, 2009, the day Bush’s term finally ends. Why, pray tell, would anyone go to such lengths, least of all a purported Bush loyalist?

Paxton, R-McKinney, stated he “didn’t see any reason to leave his name” on prominent TxDOT signs. Here are some reasons he probably contemplated, but dismissed:

  • George W. Bush did something to be proud of.
  • In the long list of great Texans, George W. Bush should be at the top.
  • To best welcome our visitors, George W’s name should be the first thing they see.
  • George W. Bush is from Texas.

We could probably make back all the money spent on printing and installing those signs by selling them to Connecticut (see the Dixie Chicks issue).

Whoops, a quick Google search reveals they already have one.

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