Oges, Rain, and the Gonzo Band Still Lost at Kerrville 2007

First time I ever went to the Kerrville Folk Music Festival and didn’t get to hear any folk music. It threatened to rain during Trout Fishing in America, and then Dalis shut ‘er down.

Since when they don’t make Kerrville artists play straight through Texas lightning storms I don’t know, but Oges and I went down to the Threadgill Theatre, and the only people playing there were two 20-yr-olds jamming Violent Femmes covers. Which was cool and all, but it wasn’t no Bob Livingston and the Lost Gonzo Band, I tell you what, by God. Next time I see Empress Allen I’m giving her a piece of my mind.

But we had a good time. The campfire song swap at SingKerrnicity (where we camped by) was pretty awesome, with Steve Hopkins, Tom Prasada Rao, Cary Cooper, and others playing cover tunes (“covers under cover!” was the chant as the rain poured down).

Here’s the Travel Blog:

Fredericksberg, TX, 70 miles west of Austin. We ate lunch at the brewery. Delicious food (w/disk-cut fried pickles, yeowum) and beer (including an amazing authentic German helles).

We walked around Main Street with our beers (“sidewalk consumption is legal”).

20 minutes later (after a pre-fest Lone Star and Sam Adams run), we arrived.

Chris gets his wristband.

Perfect empty spot. Someone must’ve JUST left.

Hat? Check. Smile? Check.

Beer? Check.

Dude! It’s NOT gonna rain!

That’s SingKerrnicity at the top right.

Ahhh. Finally time to sit.

Then it got darker…

And darker (Trout Fishing’s on stage down there)…

And darker…and they shut it down. Then it didn’t rain until midnight.

Still, all in all, a pretty great time was had by all. Chris is an awesome camp buddy, and riding through the Texas Hill Country in his white V6 convertible was spectacular.

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