We All Get Pinched. But You Did it Right. You Told ’em Nothing And They Got Nothing.

“Alberto Gonzales was never the right man for this job. He lacked independence, he lacked judgment, and he lacked the spine to say ‘no’ to Karl Rove.”
– Senate majority leader Harry Reid

Oges shot me this:

Published on Tuesday, August 28, 2007 by The Rocky Mountain News

from “Gonzales & Son: The Legacy of An Honest Day’s Work” by Paul Campos

“…Abject loyalty is a fine thing in a dog, but Gonzales’ unlimited devotion to his master became, after a time, a rather stomach-churning sight. Thus I found it particularly offensive that, in announcing his resignation, Gonzales noted that he had “lived the American dream,” because “even my worst days as attorney general have been better than my father’s best days.”

Pablo Gonzales, who died 25 years ago, was a construction worker with an elementary school education who, with his wife Maria, raised Alberto as one of their eight children.

I know nothing more about the man that that, but it seems he did an honest day’s work for a day’s pay, and that he found a way to put food on the table and clothes on the backs of eight children despite his elementary school education. And we know he never lied to Congress, or helped make it possible for his country’s government to torture people, or made a mockery of the rule of law.

I imagine he had a lot of good days.”

Paul Campos is a professor of law at the University of Colorado.

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