My Favorite 2 Sentences of 2007

From the latest James Wolcott article in this month’s Vanity Fair:

“Be a hugger, he urged those gathered at a Rose Garden event on July 26 honoring the Special Olympics (‘If you’ve never been a hugger, I strongly advise you to be one. That means you stand at the end of the finish line of a race and you hug the people coming across the line’), and even those of us who believe a second Nuremberg jury should be convened to try the president, the vice president, and a host of neoconservative architects for Iraq war crimes would concede that this sentiment presented the president at his most sympathetic and human-seeming.”

Next paragraph:

“The chrome peeled off of Bush’s halo as national healer in the post-Katrina tragedy of errors, the commendation “Heckuva job, Brownie” tied like a tin can to his legacy no matter how they try to paper things over at the future Bush presidential library and car wash.”

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