Cool New Side Gig

Colleen Kane has a “reading is fun for mentals” link list, where I discovered Mandy Stadtmiller (could YOU resist clicking on “Bloggy McBlogalot?”). She’s a reporter for the New York Post, and a stand-up comedian. She won last year’s “NY’s Funniest Reporter” award at the Underground Comedy Festival. She has stand-up videos on MySpace. Then she started getting more famous, plus scored a book deal, plus her own Sex and the City-esque column for the Post, and around September I noticed her site wasn’t being updated very often.
Last week, I was tidying my bookmarks, and tried again. That day’s entry said this:

You may have noticed I am behind. On posting things. Yes, it’s true.
So here’s a query.
Basically, I’m looking for an intern-type person to help me out with posting articles and shows and doing other not super-glamorous tasks that I fall quickly behind on.
If you’re an aspiring writer or performer or just dig some of my stuff and have free time at work, this would be right for you.
I’ve worked with both paid and unpaid people who’ve helped in the past. Right now I can’t pay but I can provide a bit of experience, insight and future recommendations. Ideally you’d be in New York, but if you’re not, it can be done remotely.
If this sounds interesting, please shoot me a one-paragraph email to mstadtmiller at myemail dot com about who you are and why this sounds like something that would appeal to you.”

Well, I’m a writer and amateur performer, so what the hoo-ha, I wrote her a paragraph. Nothing ventured, and all.

Figuring my email would get buried in the avalanche, I did NOT expect to hear from her the next day. After phone/text/email tagging, we talked yesterday evening, and I got my first assignment, which I knocked out right quick.

How fun is this? Oh, did I mention she’s this totally warm, authentic person who is just sincerely generous, and willing to help however she can? Which is fantastic, but also weighty, because now I can’t procrastinate on this book a minute longer. So much for the days of slack and Austin music. I have work to present.

Here was today’s Bloggy McBlogalot post:

“A few quick things:

1) Have found two delightful folks to help out and who I can help out. So awesome.

2) Set your Tivos for “Rock Band Band” on Nov. 11 on VH-1. It’s funny. I play myself. Meta.

3) Did you know that even though I’m a Lazy Susan and haven’t been posting my column here that you can keep up with it by checking out archives here? It’s true. Cool.

4) I’m in the semi-finals for New York’s Funniest Stand-Up.”

So, apparently I’m one of those delightfuls. How very, very, very. Pretty sure shite like this doesn’t happen to people every day. Nice to get a break once in awhile. Ol’ Bloggy there is right: sometimes life feels so good you just want to punch it in the face.

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