Remind Me Again Why This Guy Isn’t The Democratic Candidate?

OK, did he actually roll out to Love Rollercoaster?! My main man Dennis is all, “I got yer Ohio Player right here.”

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We’ve All Done This

You know: ramble away on an historical event while playing “Which Way Does The Drain Swirl” with a bottle of wine. Few of us, however, have the alacrity to turn it into a full-production miniseries. Ladies and gentlemen: Jen Kirkman and Company.

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Couple new things.

1) Enjoying my 4th layoff. This time I knew what I was getting into: tiny, sketchy company, marginally developed product, low-grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. So, my bad. On the eggy side of the sun, emails from recruiters no longer get sung to.

B. Off to DC in September, with Francesca, to cheer Mom on and hang out with Dad. Also, go to Lisa’s wedding. Hope to get some time w/Dini and Bill, and reunite with some old Delhiites.

III. I found my car. I mean, the one that won’t make me choke on my self loathing for dragging around an internal combustion engine in 2008. Tata’s coming out with an electric version of its rs.1-lakh ($2500) car, in partnership with a Norwegan auto shop. They’re also teasing us with a compressed-air version, which I would buy in about 5 seconds, whether it worked or not. At $4 a gallon, I spend about $2000 a year filling up my tank. So do you, probably.

Four: You’re awesome, and I think you’re my favorite thing in the world.

পাঁচ ) Watched Greg Giraldo do the Saget roast on Comedy Central. Saved my life.

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