Off to DC

Three quick things:
1) I’m leaving, on an airplane, need-to-know-only when I’ll be back again.

2) Lisa’s wedding is Saturday, which will be lovely. Francesca bought a dress especially for it. It’s at the Anderson House on Massachusetts Ave., between the Greek Embassy and Dupont Circle (I remember from my DC bike messenger days). The rehearsal dinner is Friday, at the Metropolitan Club, which Francesca has also bought a dress for. Any club that shuns Donald Rumsfeld is my kind of hang.  
3) Mandy Stadtmiller’s writing a book, and she gave me a copy of the manuscript, and then posted some of my notes. I thought that was nice.
4) The day after we return, I start at IBM. Woo-hoo.
  See all y’all when I get back. We’ll have some pics to share.
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Interview and Clever Student Loan Ditty

OK, yay, I have an interview tomorrow with a big blue company, so I’ve allowed myself a few minutes to post as a reward. That’s what kinda geek I am – this is how I activate the dopamine. Sigh. Thanks for all your support. The Sharif don’t like it, but you all rock (that vid was filmed in Austin, BTW, including the end scene at the old City Coliseum).
In full disclosure, I’ll point out that I went to three different colleges – the first two were community flavored and cheaper than four years of beer and concert tickets combined. The last was UT, which I left a summer short of my English degree to start that vegetarian restaurant. UT’s a state school, and in 1994 tuition and books cost me about a couple grand a year. So my entire federal student loan was $1000, which I paid off with dot bomb booty.
Matt Kresling did what I wish I could have done (swagger swagger, not true).
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