Sept. Visit to Natural History Museum

When I was 5 or so, Mom went to work for Senator Byrd. One of my earliest childhood memories is of this elephant.

“Daddy, what’s you favorite animal?”  This one.

Terrible lizards and their successors mingle.
My fave dinosaur at NatHis (just now made that abrev up) is this very big fish. He ate another slightly smaller but still very big fish.

Yum. Wow. Urrp.

Enormous ancient blue sapphires. Like 90% of all gemstones on display in Western museums, these were obtained (robbed) from India. They cut, drilled and set these gems by hand . Feeling down? Compare your lot to an Agra diamond driller’s, sitting 10 hours a day cross-legged on the ground, under the balmy Bharat sun.

The Hope diamond. South Parks‘ raison d’être for the Obama/McCain election.

Not all the world’s diamonds come from India, of course – only the world’s most magnificent.
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Les Popotames et le Mammoth Énormee Tres Mauvais

Once upon a time… from Capucha on Vimeo.
This inspired me to film the girls and translate their stories into French captions. Every time I hear her say “very tremendously bad mammoth!” I fall to the floor. (It sounds like a hybrid of ‘mauvais’ and ‘méfait’)

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Congrats America! Love, Your Friends in India

Via Spiegel:

In India, a sand sculpture of US President-elect Barack Obama has become quite an attraction. India hailed Obama’s ‘extraordinary journey’ to the White House.”

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I thought we couldn’t. Apparently, we can.

Yeah, I’m feeling it. Feeling the love. The relief. Palpable.

The way “mandate” was used before was incorrect usage of the word. Today, we can use “mandate” in its correct, intended usage (e.g. “the mandate that G.W. Bush claimed to have received from the previous electorate was exposed as mere rhetoric in light of more than double the electoral votes Obama won  yesterday. No president has more clearly been handed a genuine mandate since LBJ‘s landslide win, 44 years ago.”)

Now I don my gay apparel, dancing in the streets, gonna cause talk and suspicion, trumpeting my mixed metaphorathon.

This is where I heard the announcement. AN historic night, truly, indeed.

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Literal Translation of Chili Peppers "Under the Bridge"

(Overdub written/sung by Dustin McLean, lifted from Funny or Die)

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