Writing in 2009 (Not Only)

I didn’t end up graduating with the English degree I never declared, but I came out of high school knowing the nuances around participles and gerunds. I haven’t seen Charlie Kaufman’s new one yet, but I knew what a synecdoche was when I heard the title. As I climb over the boxes of notebooks in my closet, ex-Austin tech writer Marion Winik¬†always pops into my head, talking about being one of those kids who stored milk crates full of spiral-bounds. I wrote cowboy stories in first grade, stick-figured protagonists with stetsons and circle hands, fingers popping out like Keith Haring sunbeams. Wrote for the school newspaper. Fattened envelopes to friends scattered about the world.

I wrote articles and copy for New Texas Magazine during its 25th-anniversary heyday. I’ve been writing web site content, and documenting software development lifecycle drama, since 1997. I haven’t been short on paid gigs – what I lack is the constitution and cred enjoyed by writers who publish. Original works, born from the cracklings between their eyes.

I’ve yet to write just to have published something my own. It haunts me. I need 2009 to be different.

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Have Yourself a Loony Family Pizza Christmas.

As of 10 min. ago. Lovin’ it.

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Merry Happy Holidays Everyone

‘Tis the season, yet again. Touchdown.

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A Public Service WTF From Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones.

NATALIE PORTMAN & RASHIDA JONES Speak Out Once More by Natalie Portman
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Last Year’s Christmas Card Shoot

We were supposed to do our Christmas photo last weekend, but too much going on. Hopefully I’ll be more prepared in the next few days. I pulled out last year’s pics to remind myself of what was narrowly missed. Just getting everyone in the same room was like training hungry puppies to perform A Chorus Line.

Piper decided to dress for the occasion.
By the end of the day, Butters and I were exhausted.

Scout doing her best “Calvin and Hobbes.”

Francesca looking her usual professional modelesque self. 

But I don’t think we quite fit in the frame.

“I don’t want to lie on the floor.” “Please, Pipie, just one picture.”
“No, really. I don’t like this.”
“OK, you asked for it.”

Of course, as you know, this is the one we went with:

Mlaaaary Christmas, everyone. Next one’s out soon. I can’t wait.
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Happy Birthday To Me

Present to self: Honeybomb, one of my fave Bob Schneider masterpieces. Bonus thing that means something to me but not really to anyone else: Will Taylor and his classical mates played at our wedding.

Extra Bonus Gift: the Mermen drop their Honeybomb!

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When I Think About the Scala Girls Choir

Cribbed from eefers. The only way I can hear the Divinyls without switching the station or walking out of the club.

Love it? Then check it (you started it, Tori):
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