April Updates

Hey, Cupcake.

1) Jodie’s back from Houston. I missed her, and so did the kids, but they did really well. Not a single mommy-related meltdown. Went to a birthday party at Goin’ Bananas, and Caleb’s house warming party (as usual, Scout didn’t want to go, then didn’t want to leave). Even got a bunch of work done on Saturday. And tonight, with Francesca, we’re back to being all together.

2) Mike tried to do it again. Making me feel disoriented and defeated the last few days (he’s in ICU, and stable now). Poor Betty. And Lis – like pregnancy isn’t a bitch enough as it is.
3) Acquired another boss at work (now I have 4), who’s in Raleigh, so I’ll probably never meet him. Which is making the lead writer batshit crazy, mostly all over me. Please God -when the hell can I own my own business again?!
4) Got linked in one of Mandy’s blog posts, that was nice. Random act of kindness to right the heel.
5) Can’t tell you how desperately I’m looking forward to Shannon’s graduation. Charles pointed out we’ll be there for the North American Organic Brewer’s Festival. Maybe drag James along.
7) Need to brew again. I’m thinking Scottish Wee Heavy. Feel like something heady, sweet, and smoked.
6) Thanks for all your support. I love you too. Cheers.
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