Portland next week

I can’t wait. We’ll be celebrating Shannon “Dr. Weeks'” N.D. degree. I’ll get to see James, possibly Peter, plus Charles will be at the Organic Brewer’s Fest.

Dad and I drove from San Fransico to Seattle when I was 12, but I barely remember it. So this is all I really know about Portland, which is a good start, and possibly all I need to know:
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Happy Dad Day

I had a really fantastic day. The kids made me a wonderful card, even got to brew a batch of beer. Plus not only a a Father’s Day fax, but we got a phone call from Francesca at camp. Received an AMAZING amp for my guitar, wow. Dad said he and Mom went to brunch at Morty’s, then Dad had a short American Spirit Sunday tour to give. We sent him the new Deadliest Catch book, Time Bandit, and a bottle of home brew.
This has been a difficult Father’s Day for the extended family. It’s hard for me to know what to do or say. But I do know, for sure, that I love my Dad very much, and he’s always been there for me, every day, for 43 years. I don’t understand why I got so lucky. When my family and friends are in pain, I wish I knew how to make them better. I love my family, painfully, and all the families in it.
Poem by Dick Lourie
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"Is There Gas In The Car?" "Yes, There’s Gas In The Car!"

Sometimes when I’m down this cheers me up.

From Family Guy, the one where Stewie disguises himself as a popular high schooler and infiltrates the cool kids:

“You can see them on my MySpace page, along with my favorite songs and movies and things that other people have created, but that I use to express my individualism.”

“I have a MySpace page too!”

“Yeah, I have mine ironically.”

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