Inside the Hirschhorn Museum/Gallery/Looky Building Thing

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The Hirschhorn Scupture Garden

Joseph Hirschhorn (uranium mining magnate and ravenous art collector) and his wife Olga Zatorsky hung out with Lady Bird and then-Pres LBJ. You didn’t know how to spell their last name. The extra “h” threw you off.

Shaking hands at the museum’s groundbreaking, 1969.
It’s next to the Castle. Here I am feebly trying to capture the rose gardens on the way.
Walking around the side on my way to the sculpture garden. Those enormous pipes are  suspended in the air with wire tension alone. It rises about 20 meters from the ground, past the roof of the building.
Yoko Ono’s The Wish Tree for Washington, DC, 2007. You’re asked to whisper something to the tree. There’s a path so you can get up near it and aim for its ear. No, I can’t tell you, or it won’t come true.
One of Aristide Maillol’s Three Nymphs.

Rodin’s Crouching Woman

You can see how the garden is sunk into the Mall. Across the street is the main museum (left, in the trees), and the Castle, with Mark di Suvero’s massive red steel construction guarding the walls.
The business end of that gold ball in the previous pic. Arnaldo Pomodoro (Arnold Tomato?)’s amazing gear-ey bronze, Sphere no. 6 ( Sphere Within a Sphere).
Henry Moore’s Reclining Figure from one end of the fountain pond…
and from the other end. She changed a bit along the way.
20 years ago, this used to be David Smith’s own little corner (see cubist polished stainless steel piece two pics up). Now it’s Miro’s. With the museum behind. Next, what it looked like inside.

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DC, Day Two: Lisa’s Rehersal Dinner


It was at the Metropolitan Club, a block from the New Exec. Office Building. There was a slide show in an anteroom, with rotating pics of Nick and Lisa as children (mostly Dhaka photos, one with me and Lis circa 1975). One of Lisa’s best friends remarked full volume as she walked in, “What kind of stuck-up, conservative, stuffy place is this?!” But it was beautiful inside, all marble and guilt gilt. Like the set of Monty Python’s Cocktail Bar (“More lemming, sir?” “Oh, just a squeeze, Harry” [SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK]).
Lisa was struck by Francesca: “…his incredibly beautiful, poised, amazing oldest daughter, who is just such an utter delight.”

Francesca and I snuck off into the library, which was huge, with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves: 
“I don’t think we’re supposed to be in here, Dad.” “I know. Smile.”

She makes the world glow.
Yes, that’s the Virgin Queen behind me there.
And an endless magazine rack, updated daily.

Dinner was amazing: Washingtonian haut cuisine, including a beautifully constructed vegetarian number.
The evening cranked up with round after round of speeches, accolades, blessings, and toasts, ending with Lisa and Nick giving out prizes. I tied Maude and her spouse for “people with the same wedding anniversary.” Got me a big box of liquor-filled chocolates.
I wish these pics did justice to how gorgeous Lisa and her friends and family looked. Such a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful evening.
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DC, Day One: Georgetown and Air & Space Museum

First shot, at the Grandparents’ house. Mom looks great. Francesca looks 22.

After our trip to the spy museum, we went shopping in Georgetown.
I took all these shots with my mobile. Camera phones have come a looooong way.
Wisconsin & M st. The rare times I had money in the ’80s, I’d make a beeline for Nathans.

Papa Razzo. The first of many of these wonderful poses by my beautiful daughter. “Stop! You are such a tourist!”
Anyway: Blues Alley. Spiro Gyra‘s playing. I once had most of their albums, back in my Tower Records clerk days.

Then I dragged Francesca to the Air & Space Museum, where she was beyond bored.
Look, one of the first computers! Because I am an über geek.
Five full-sized aircraft in this shot.
I like the lighting on this one.
Rocket Man. Burning out his fuse up here alone.
At one point, there was an exhibit on flight dynamics – pitch, roll. She pointed to “yaw,” and said, “Oh migod! Where’s the ‘N’?”
That wacky sculpture at the back of the museum. Francesca took this one – nice shot. Then I chased her around, also trying to get a nice shot. To no avail.
Up Next: Visiting the Hirshhorn solo, while the grands take their much-relieved granddaughter shopping.
Continuum,” by Charles O. Perry

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Back From DC

Francesca and I went to visit Mom and Dad. Mom looks great, in apparently perfect health, with more energy than Dad and me combined. We also went to Lisa’s wedding, which was gorgeous.
Perfect amount of time to do everything I wanted; all except go to Lincoln Memorial at night, and take F to Shear Madness at the Kennedy Center. So, next time. More pics to come.
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